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The Egg of Columbus

    There is an insightful article published in Tubantia Newspaper comparing Safety cube with the egg of Columbus.

    What is the egg of Columbus?

    Egg of columbus

    “Gentlemen, I will lay a wager with any of you, that you will not make this egg stand up as I will, naked and without anything at all,

    ” said Christopher Columbus, while an egg was in his hand, in response to the noble Spaniards who saw Spain full of great men clever in cosmography and literature. All the noble Spaniards tried, and no one succeeded in making it stand up. When the egg came round to the hands of Columbus, by beating it down on the table he fixed it, having thus crushed a little of one end; wherefore all remained confused, understanding what he would have said: that after the deed is done, everybody knows how to do it. [wikipedia]  

    Why Safety Cube is comparable with the egg of Columbus?

    Safety Cube presents three main elements (technical system, human, and the surrounding environment) and their interactions through different faces of a cube. In order to create safety, one needs to look into all faces of Safety Cube. Read more about this comparison through this article (available in Dutch only).



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